Lacrosse the Pond

Laura Stockton


Laura was born in Doncaster into a RAF family before moving to Scotland and Saudi Arabia. She moved to England when she was 11 and started playing Lacrosse at the Queen’s School, Chester.


Laura has represented Cheshire and the North all age groups. She moved to Manchester and joined Timperley Lacrosse Club alongside studying and playing at the University of Manchester. She has also played for Scotland since the age of 15. Laura’s proudest Lacrosse moment was winning a Bronze medal for Scotland at the 2015 European Championships.


Laura has been coached by and played with many Americans in the UK and has had the opportunity to travel across the USA and Europe playing lacrosse. These experiences of the international lacrosse community have always been incredibly positive and she wants to ensure everyone has an amazing experience.


Laura’s sister is currently competing at D1 level attending Mercer University,  Georgia which means she understand on a personal level the trials and tribulations of international university applications and study.

Role Within Company

As our Student Co-Ordinator Laura’s primary role within the company is to liaise with American students looking to undergo a Masters programme in the UK. She will act as a direct point of contact for all students throughout the application process and will be key in speaking to Universities regarding potential students.

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