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Overview of Our Service

We are an organisation that facilitates the study of a Masters degree in the UK.

We will tailor make a specific package to suit you as an individual. We will advise you on what school and course best suits you, taking into account what you wish to study and what type of location best relates to you.  Once you have established your preferences, we will apply to the school for you and take care of everything from gaining you a visa, to booking your flights and finding you appropriate accommodation. Once enrolled, you will embark on a one year course gaining a Masters degree while playing lacrosse for your university in the BUCS league. The experience will give you the opportunity to gain a post graduate degree, whilst participating in a different culture, and continuing to play lacrosse.

Our Introductory Video below explains a bit more about “What We Do” and why we do it. It also shares some perspectives of previous LTP Students.

Flow Chart of Primary Services

LTP What We Do

Accommodation Options

There are several accommodation options available to you.  If you want to live on campus,   almost all schools ofter international students the option of a dorm room. However there are also several other options available to you. LACROSSETHEPOND can find you housing arrangements off campus; either with english based lacrosse players at your university, or with other American students coming through the LACROSSETHEPOND program. If you are applying to the program with a group of friends all wishing to study, live and play together for a year at the same institution, we can arrange appropriate housing arrangements which will allow you to do so.


The program costs vary depending on, what school you attend and what area you choose to reside in, as housing and living costs fluctuate depending on location. The total estimated cost for an entire year including: Flights, Visa Processing Fees, School Fees, Accommodation Costs, Phone Expenses and Admin Fees, range from £17,555 – £32,170. A masters degree can be gained in one year in the UK making it less expensive than most two-year programs in the US.

Making The First Step

To show your interest in the program please fill out the above questionnaire. This questionnaire will be used to gain your contact information and establish what sort of experience you are looking for. Once we have received your questionnaire we will send you our Introduction Pack. All information on the questionnaire will remain solely for the use of LACROSSETHEPOND and will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

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