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Lacrosse in the UK

Your lacrosse experience in the UK will be vastly different to what you have experienced to date in the US. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport at university level in the UK and the standard is continuing to increase massively each year. Your knowledge and skill level within the game will be much higher than the majority of players you will be in contact with. You therefore have the opportunity to not only enjoy playing the sport, but also to help continue the growth of Lacrosse in the UK by passing some of your skills and knowledge onto your surrounding team mates.

University level Lacrosse in the UK is organised through the Student Athletic Union. This is a very similar structure to how club sports are run at the university level in America.

Your university Lacrosse team will typically train 2-3 times a week with a game on Wednesday throughout the season which runs from late September right through to the end of April. Across the nation universities allocate this time for sporting events and therefore do not arrange lectures / classes during this time. Every university has a Student Union (SU) bar, a place to gather before games and often unwind after and is great for meeting like minded people. The SU environment allows you to easily mingle with other athletes and teams from different sports and is often very lively. The SU has cheap drinks and is only open to students from the university. It is often a popular place to meet as a team before you go on a night out.

Depending on your geographical location and what school you select, there may be an opportunity for you to also join a club team separate from the university. This can be done alongside your university classes and lacrosse, as local teams practice once a week and have games Saturday afternoons. This is a great way to meet people and clubs themselves are made up of teams from all ages. The club lacrosse standard is much higher than the university level and can be a lot of fun. Joining a club can be a great way to enhance your experience while studying in the UK.

Lacrosse clubs in England divide into a junior and a senior section. The junior teams range from U12- U19, whilst the senior section of the club often has 3 teams: 1st team, A team and B team. A few clubs have sufficient players to run a fourth C team. The 1st team usually made up of 20-28 year olds and is competitive. Playing within this team is a great way to meet people outside of your university in the surrounding community. It also opens up more opportunities to travel around the country whilst playing other teams. The two top divisions are the Premier North and Premier South, the majority of the England senior national team play in these leagues and numerous American graduates also play in the league resulting in two tough competitive divisions.

World Championship Festival Games, Manchester 2010

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