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So what is a Masters Degree?

A Masters course is a way to advance in a certain field and become more qualified. It can also be for people who have gained a degree in one subject and wish to gain skills in a new area to become better qualified for a wider variety of careers.

A Masters degree is structured similarly to undergraduate study. However classes are more discussion based and conducted as seminars. These seminars are discussion based and a higher level of analysis is expected when compared to undergraduate classes.

Masters degrees can be required by some employers as a prerequisite for certain jobs and career opportunities. This is vital in the current economic climate as job opportunities are in such high demand and the positions available are competed for intensely. A post graduate degree can add that something else to your Resume to make you stand out from the rest and can be great leverage when separating you from the next guy when applying for a certain position. Having a Masters degree from the UK will also make you appear a more well rounded person on your Resume as you will have travelled and have studied in England which holds the language to the international business world. As a result you will stand out from the rest and more doors will open for you.

Masters degrees are also used to help people change their career or specialisation.  If you have obtained an undergraduate degree in one field and a Masters degree in another, you will be qualified for a much broader range of career paths. If you have graduated in a field that is cold with job opportunities, or you are just not sure that is the field you want to enter into anymore, then a Masters in a different discipline could be of real value.

In the year you have in the UK you will have more than enough time to travel around Europe between semesters either on your own or with your new found friends. In addition many university lacrosse terms will travel to Europe to play in lacrosse tournaments and festivals. Approximately 7 months of the 12 months visa will be required for your studies leaving ample time to explore. Whether you choose to use the full 12 months or just the amount required for the degree is completely up to you. But if you want to use the university as a base for traveling around Europe it is completely viable, you even have the opportunity to work 20 hours a week if you want through your type of Visa. This can be easy money to support your traveling dreams.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to study a Masters in the UK we will tailor a specific package that meets all your individual needs. We will make sure you get the right course and are studying in the right place and are exposed to the right opportunities. We will endeavour to ensure you have a perfect experience whilst gaining your Masters degree and furthering your education in the UK.

Course Areas Available

There are hundreds of post graduate courses available at many universities in various locations. The main area of study are the following categories:

  • MA – Master of Arts
  • MArch – Master of Architecture
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • MEd – Master of Education
  • MEng – Master of Engineering
  • MFA – Master of Fine Art
  • MRes – Master of Research
  • MLitt – Master of Letters MSc – Master of Science
  • MMus – Master of Music
  • MPharm – Master of Pharmacy
  • MPhil – Master of Philosophy
  • MSt – Master of Studies
  • MTh – Master of Theology
  • LLM – Master of Laws

One of the main advantages of studying a Masters course in the UK is because it is a one year intensive course. In the United States and Australia post graduate courses are generally a minimum of two years. Not only will you save money but you will get to live and study abroad whilst continuing to play and enjoy lacrosse.

If you have any specific educational interests that are outside of a masters degree (i.e. pursuing a PHD) please contact us with your query and we will accommodate your individual requirements.

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