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UK Culture

English culture is renowned for being very welcoming and friendly. The lacrosse community is no exception. The social aspect of the student lifestyle is vibrant and explorative. Most of the institutions featured in this program herald from exciting, modern and vibrant cities. Choosing your school will vary your experience somewhat depending on the geographical location.

Manchester for example was the breading ground of the Industrial Revolution, bringing wealth and prosperity to the city and leaving it with a lengthy history and some outstanding architecture. The city of Manchester has evolved over the years to an incredibly modern city, with great history, culture, and a large social scene. An Experience here would be extremely sociable as the campus is located in the heart of the city.

Other schools in the program will again alter your experience, take Saint Andrew’s for example. Saint Andrews is a town based in the county of Fife, Scotland and is home to around 17,000 people. Because of it’s size the university plays a massive part in the community. Its hard to walk around the town without seeing or recognizing someone from the university. The feeling of community is much more present here compared to that of the Industrial powerhouse of Manchester, which boasts  a population of around 440,000 and is home to two large universities and the largest concentration of students in the whole of Europe.

From what you can seen in terms of different locations, its hard to know what school provides what type of education and environment. At LACROSSETHEPOND we will tailor a specific package that will suit your needs as a individual. The school(s) that LACROSSETHEPOND will identify for you will encompass the types of learning environment that you prefer and thrive in. The idea is to give you an opportunity to explore a new culture and environment that you are comfortable within, while furthering your education and improving the standard of lacrosse in the UK by providing the league with an influx of more skilled and accomplished players.

There is a clear attraction to the UK’s educational structure and culture. The academic excellence and the standard of UK qualifications are recognized worldwide. In the academic year of 2008/9,  139,095 students from outside the UK here came to study.

Many of the universities and colleges in the UK have a long and proud history stretching back many hundreds of years and occupy many iconic and historical buildings. Become part of this rich tradition and add your own unique contribution to the world of further education in the UK.

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