Lacrosse the Pond

The Experience


Obtain a Masters degree from one of the UK’s premier universities in one year. Growing your knowledge and network to launch your professional career.

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Immerse yourself in one of the worlds most cosmopolitan cultures with all of Europe just a train ride away

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Continue playing the sport you love in a university setting. Make new friends within the tightest community in sport.

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Why LACROSSETHEPOND is the right choice for you

If you’ve enjoyed your college career and gained a degree but don’t quite feel ready to get a job, then why not further your education in another country whilst playing lacrosse? A Masters degree in the UK could be an exciting and viable option. A Masters course takes just one year unlike the two year norm in the US which may also make it financially attractive to you.

The economic conditions at the moment have put a massive strain on the job market which in turn has made the jobs that graduating students normally pursue highly competitive. So why not take a year to travel, further your education and add something completely different to your Resume? In one year you will be able to experience a completely different culture, gain a masters degree and make connections that will last a life time.

Lacrosse in England is a very close knit and sociable community. University teams usually train three days a week and have mid-week fixtures against other BUCS teams from their respective leagues. Social nights are an integral part of playing lacrosse in the UK. There is usually a social chair who will organize anything from lacrosse tours, to european tournaments to themed nights out in the city.

Your experience in the Uk need not be limited to academia. You Visa lasts for 12 months allowing for ample opportunity to travel and experience Europe. Internal flights around Europe are cheap and easy to come by. Furthermore most lacrosse teams go on tour. A popular destination for University teams is Dublin, which hosts an annual lacrosse tournament. In addition to lasting 12 months, the VISA allows allows for you to work up to a maximum of twenty hours a week: giving you the opportunity to earn while you learn.

The Lacrosse the Pond experience will enhance your Resume in a unique way. You will have obtained degrees from two different countries, and had the opportunity to play and learn in a different culture. You will return home to a competitive job market with an experience that will set you apart from the rest. You will have an extra year of maturity and a Masters degree to back it together with any number of learnt life experiences.

England is a popular destination for American post graduate students for several different reasons:

  • It is easy to immerse yourself in the British culture with no language barrier.
  • The easy access to mainland Europe, which offers a vast variety of different cultures and experiences in close proximity to each other.
  • A Masters degree in the UK lasts just one year, not two, thereby saving you money.
  • As an international student holding a valid VISA you are entitled to free healthcare provided by the NHS, the UK’s National Health Service.
  • The BUCS league allows you to continue to play lacrosse whilst studying, which would not be possible in the US if you have already used all four years of your NCAA eligibility.
  • The student VISA entitles you to work for up to 20 hours a week, thus providing you with the opportunity to gather funds for your adventure.

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