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NEMLA Flags Final Weekend

  This weekend sees the NEMLA Flags Final Weekend where teams of all ages and across all senior divisions congregate to play their respective cup finals, the culmination of an entire season of hard work and effort. Featuring a fixture-packed schedule with 24 teams battling it out for the honour of being crowned cup champions for their age group/division, this weekend is the highlight in English club lacrosse and is sure to be well attended by fans in their droves flocking to see UK lacrosse at it’s most competitive and hard-hitting. The main spectacle for the weekend is the Senior Flags Final (which faces of at 15:00 on Sunday), and is considered to be the most prestigious lacrosse competition in the nation. The Senior Flags competition is the oldest in the UK, having first been played in 1883 as the award for the club’s battling it out in the highest[…]

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NEMLA Roundup 25/1/2016

The Northern Premiership enjoyed another set of intriguing match-ups this past weekend as Premiership stalwarts Cheadle travelled up to Lancashire to visit 7th-placed Rochdale and 4th met 5th when Heaton Mersey hosted Timperley. Heaton Mersey, having not played a fixture since their disappointing loss to rivals Poynton, were eager to put their last result (and performance) behind them by registering a solid win to regain confidence and remind everyone of their undoubted potential, and fielded a full-strength team including LTP student and Rutgers Alumni Kevin Albert against their Lancashire County counterparts. Standing in their way of the 2 points were a Timperley side featuring fellow LTP’er and New England College alumni/Coquitlam Adanacs player Brian Gillis, who are enjoying a strong season thus far, only registering losses against the unbeaten Stockport and 2nd-placed Cheadle. Mersey started brightly and their attacking intent was clear for all to see from the first whistle, putting themselves[…]

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NEMLA Club Roundup 18/01

With the winds of winter striking across the country, several of the scheduled English club games games were postponed this week due to frozen pitches. However, the heat of the Northern Premiership competition was enough to melt the snow away in the two arguably biggest games of the weekend, with Wilmslow hosting Rochdale in their fight for top-level survival and Poynton welcoming Heaton Mersey in a match which could go to some distance in deciding the final standings toward the top of the table. Following their disappointing loss against fellow Premiership strugglers Sheffield Steelers last week, Wilmslow came into this weekend desperately needing a win to ensure they didn’t slip to the bottom of the table. Rochdale, who hadn’t played a competitive game for over 5 weeks, were equally as eager to register a W having been unable to take full points from a match since their 2-win streak at[…]

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Eurotrip is Coming

For this blog I have to take it a few weeks back to recap what’s been going on. In late February, Mike and I took another trip up to Newcastle with our LTP tour guide Tom Mac. Had to see our boy Tomo play for the Newcastle Eagles basketball team. Pretty sure they just won the title but I could be wrong with how confusing the playoff system is in England. Anyway, Tomo showed us around town again and Newcastle never disappoints. The next day we took a trip to the coast and we got to see our first castle. I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but I’m pretty sure it was something like 700-1000 years old which, needless to say, is pretty incredible. A couple weeks later we picked up some tickets to see Eric Church at The Ritz in Manchester. Yea, Eric Church: the country singer. Bert,[…]

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A Lacrosse Journey

Strap in for this one, a rant’s a coming… I’m not a big man.  Not only in stature, standing at 5’8’’, but in character at times. I have the tendency to hold grudges and to be petty.  That’s something that is a constant struggle for me, to accept the bad and move on.  It’s maybe a lesson I had to learn this weekend.  In a big game loss to our cross-town rivals, their class shown both during (I hate to admit) and after was something to respect.  Never in the States could I image going for drinks with the opposition post game (something that’s common place here by the way). And even running into a team by chance would be something that in the States might be likely to result in a brawl. Go back a few years and tell me that after a rough hard fought game, I’d be[…]

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Whats On The Menu?

They eat beans on toast here. Can you believe that!? Beans on toast, who would ever do such a thing. That’s an actual meal here and I’ll tell you what, its awesome. My love for beans has grown to a full blown obsession since I’ve been here. I would just talk about beans this whole blog but the blog patrol might shut me down. So it looks like we will have to have a quick rundown of what I’ve seen as the English menu. That brings me to the top 3 DO EAT’s on the English menu: 1. Fish and Chips: This one is a no brainer. First thing they told me was not to get them at a chinese food place, so I did, and lets just say don’t get them at a chinese food place. Strawberry Pig on Saturdays is necessary post P-Town wins. 2. Pie’s: Also a no brainer. You[…]

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