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End of the Lacrosse Season = Start of a New Lacrosse Journey!

Post-College Lacrosse Opportunities in The UK Yesterday saw the NCAA Championship Final – the official curtain-closer for the 2017/18 season, bringing an official and premature end to the lacrosse careers of thousands of seniors across The US/Canada. Even for the national champions at Yale, Merrimack, Wesleyan, James Morris, Le Moyne and Gettsyburg, it will be a bitter-sweet feeling to suddenly realise that never again will they need to rise at the crack of dawn to deal with the early morning practice nor experience the camaraderie of travelling across the country with their band of brothers and sisters to face the biggest challengers in the conference. After a 4-year journey of blood, sweat and tears through the collegiate system which has demanded so much yet offered you so much more in return, this untimely termination of thousands of lacrosse careers seems brutal, harsh and unnecessarily premature. Throughout high school all you[…]

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