Lacrosse the Pond

plymouth university

Life and Lacrosse in Plymouth

It has been a little over a month since my arrival in Plymouth, United Kingdom and I am absolutely loving it. After about 12 hours of traveling, I arrived in Bristol and was greeted by Sam Russell. I was exhausted and quite nervous to be honest, but Sam made me feel more comfortable for the massive change I was embarking on. A two hour drive to Plymouth followed and I was basically falling asleep with my eyes open…wasn’t a very good driving companion for Sam. When arriving at my flat, I was greeted by my flat-mate and teammate Natasha. I noticed the flat was quite small from what I am used to in America, but it is an adorable place. Next came lunch and the portions sizes are so small compared to the States (probably better off that way). After lunch, as much as I wanted to shower and pass[…]

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