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Post-College Blues?

Last week published a very valid and heartfelt article about the distinct lack of lacrosse US athletes have available to them post-college – a common feeling we hear amongst new and potential LTP students. Too often our students tell us that having endured all of the dark early morning practices, the extra pre-season running sessions, the struggle to manage the workload of college life on top of athletic commitments, the world post-college can often feel a desolate place without the outlet of playing the sport they have committed such time, effort, blood, sweat and tears into.   Starting off as children playing for the love of the game, our lacrosse experiences become increasingly competitive until the point where for many of us, lacrosse literally rules of daily lives, as well as those around us. Going from this state of “lax is life” to having nothing but a couple of[…]

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BUCS Rundown 3/1/15

As ever, Wednesday in university in the UK means sports day, which ultimately means another game of lacrosse for our LTP students! This week we saw top of the table battles for supremacy as well as bottom of the league struggles for survival in another frantic week of university lacrosse. This week, in an ongoing battle to get away from the bottom place in the Men’s Premier North league, Rutgers alumni and 15/16 LTP Student Kevin Albert’s University of Manchester side faced Leeds Beckett at home in the fixture known as “The War of The Roses”. With the game living up to it’s name and reputation, this was a battle from start to finish with the lead changing hands several times over. Unfortunately for Kevin and the Manchester side, the thrilling end-to-end encounter finished as a 10-9 victory for the visitors from Yorkshire, leaving the Uni of Manchester team at the[…]

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BUCS Rundown 25/11/15

This Wednesday saw a number of huge games in the BUCS University Lacrosse competitions featuring a number of the LTP student-base. Competing for the BUCS Men’s Trophy, LTP student Andrew Zehr helped his Newcastle side to a thumping 18-2 victory, grabbing 5 ground balls, 1 goal and an impressive 8 assists – team player! Meanwhile LTP student and Scranton alumni Doug Homan, despite recording a 100% face-off success and scoring 6 goals, couldn’t stop his Manchester Met side from losing 14-11 to Edinburgh. In the BUCS Premier South Division, Cardiff beat Southampton 10-1 and Bath beat Bristol 12-5. LTP students and LIU Post Alumni’s Mike Pritouris and Justin Watson enjoyed a week off from games to concentrate on their studies! In the BUCS Premier North Division, considered to be the elite league for university lacrosse in England, there were 3 huge matches all of which featured members of the LTP[…]

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A Lacrosse Journey

Strap in for this one, a rant’s a coming… I’m not a big man.  Not only in stature, standing at 5’8’’, but in character at times. I have the tendency to hold grudges and to be petty.  That’s something that is a constant struggle for me, to accept the bad and move on.  It’s maybe a lesson I had to learn this weekend.  In a big game loss to our cross-town rivals, their class shown both during (I hate to admit) and after was something to respect.  Never in the States could I image going for drinks with the opposition post game (something that’s common place here by the way). And even running into a team by chance would be something that in the States might be likely to result in a brawl. Go back a few years and tell me that after a rough hard fought game, I’d be[…]

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