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The LTP Year Winds Down

So it’s safe to say I’ll never be able to trust myself when it comes to booking a plane, train, or bus. From now on I refuse to let myself make that click, and will have other people do it for me…even if it’s a stranger in the school library. Before the Almost-Dublin-Disaster, I had never messed up like that, and now I have 0% confidence. I can’t talk to women, go to parties without being socially anxious and awkward, play a game of lacrosse without questioning my every step, or even talk to the cashiers at supermarkets and shops. I’m forever scarred, and doubt that I’ll ever regain the shining confidence I had before… Of course I’m only kidding about my confidence shattering. But it does make me question my ability to book a flight, hell I might even end up accidentally flying to Lebanon instead of San Diego[…]

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