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Hutch Does Europe

Well it’s been a while since I have written but for the most part, it was for good reason. As the semester came to a break, plans for Christmas and New Year’s – might as well mention my 23rd birthday – were in full force. Break began with one last game for Poynton before we were off for 5 weeks in which we played a fantastic, all-around team game for the win to propel us into the New Year.  From there, I had two things to do before the fun began: finish a paper and pack –neither of which I enjoy.  As you can guess, I got both done “just in time” because what kid doesn’t want to travel the world. Finally, time for our version of EuroTrip. Started off the excursion flying to Brussels, Belgium with Blake and Jeff (two American LDO’s) and got to our hostel. Let me just set the record straight, for those of you[…]

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