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LACROSSETHEPOND is your ticket to exploring the world! Lacrosse The Pond offers US & Canadian students the opportunity to earn an internationally-recognised Master’s Degree from a world-renowned academic institution in just one year, all the while continuing to play lacrosse competitively.

Learn: Taking just one year to complete, a UK Master’s Degree can set you apart from the competition in a demanding job market and enable you to join the workforce a full year ahead of most of your US counterparts at a fraction of the cost of a US Master’s Programme. Working with 100% of UK establishments and with courses to suit all academic backgrounds and interests, LTP will find the ideal Master’s Degree to suit your educational background and academic aspirations.

Travel: Living in The UK, our students immerse themselves in a new culture and environment in the heart of Europe, using this opportunity to travel the continent and broaden their horizons. From Berlin to Budapest, Paris to Prague and Athens to Amsterdam, Europe has something for everyone and all within just a few hours’ flight from your new UK home.

Play: Lacrosse The Pond places our students within established lacrosse university programmes and competitive club leagues to continue playing the sport they have committed so much to. With a more flexible lacrosse schedule than an NCAA programme, our students are offered a more relaxed programme than their previous college experience whilst still enjoying the chance to play several times per week for competitive club and college teams all over The UK. With the world’s oldest club lacrosse competition and our standing as European lacrosse leaders, The UK has a proud and strong tradition of competitive club and college lacrosse for our students to test themselves within. As a team, LTP will compete in tournaments throughout the year in prestigious places including Berlin, Amsterdam & Prague and can connect our students to playing and coaching opportunities all over Europe. 

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