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End of the Lacrosse Season = Start of a New Lacrosse Journey!

Post-College Lacrosse Opportunities in The UK

Yesterday saw the NCAA Championship Final – the official curtain-closer for the 2017/18 season, bringing an official and premature end to the lacrosse careers of thousands of seniors across The US/Canada.

Even for the national champions at Yale, Merrimack, Wesleyan, James Morris, Le Moyne and Gettsyburg, it will be a bitter-sweet feeling to suddenly realise that never again will they need to rise at the crack of dawn to deal with the early morning practice nor experience the camaraderie of travelling across the country with their band of brothers and sisters to face the biggest challengers in the conference.

After a 4-year journey of blood, sweat and tears through the collegiate system which has demanded so much yet offered you so much more in return, this untimely termination of thousands of lacrosse careers seems brutal, harsh and unnecessarily premature.

Throughout high school all you dreamed of was playing ball at college. From receiving your offer letter to becoming an official commit to getting yourself mentally and physically ready for the demands of collegiate athletics, a significant portion of your life has been dedicated to chasing your lacrosse dreams.

Some of you will have become All-Americans. Some of you will have broken team records. Some of you will have won National Championships. All of you will have sacrificed thousands of hours improving your game and perfecting your technique and giving everything you have to become the best player you can be in your favourite sport.














Luke Goldstock (UNC), Steven Swift (Queens University) & Jack Lambert (UNC) – LTP ’18 graduates pictured winning the North of England Senior Flags Competition with Poynton Lacrosse.


After all of this commitment and sacrifice – are you really ready to say goodbye to the game you have dedicated so much to perfecting?

If not, get in touch with Lacrosse The Pond!!!

Lacrosse The Pond was set up to give collegiate ballers the opportunity to extend both their lacrosse and educational careers by studying a Masters Degree in the UK. Completing an internationally-renowned Masters Degree in just 1 year (compared to 2 in The US), our students receive a world-class education while continuing to play the sport they love so much in a new setting in Europe.

















Cam Joyce (Southern New Hampshire) and Ben LeSane (Mercer and LTP’ 18 Graduate) celebrate winning the South of England Senior Flags Competition with Hampstead Lacrosse.


The UK boasts the most expansive lacrosse community outside of US/Canada and with both a collegiate competition as well as a thriving club scene playing at the weekends, our students get to continue with their love for the game whilst gaining their Masters from one of the world’s most prestigious educational establishments – the best of both worlds!

From coaching camps and clinics across the UK to playing in tournaments across Europe, our students enjoy a cultural awakening through the international language of lacrosse and whether you want to compete at the highest level or prefer to impact your experience upon a new generation of players as a coach, we tailor the experience to suit you and your ambitions.

If you want to gain your Master’s Degree in half the time as your classmates, if you want to experience a new culture and lifestyle, if you want to continue with your lacrosse-playing life, you need to contact LTP!

If you’re a senior (or have already graduated) and want to explore the opportunity to continue your education as well as your lacrosse career then click the below link and complete our quick questionnaire – it’s not too late for you to sign up for our September intake of students.

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