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With the league standings beginning to take shape and the big guns starting to find their rhythm and form, this weekend will see the most hotly-anticipated matchup of the season so far with current league and cup champions Spencer hosting the behemoths from across the city, Hampstead.

All eyes across the SEMLA teams and fans will be at Earlsfield where this London derby game is set to explode with arguably the South’s two biggest juggernauts coming head-to-head in a clash which neither can afford to slip up in.

Both Spencer and Hampstead have enjoyed enviable silverware success over the past 10 years and are seen as the hottest two outfits in the South of England. With both teams sitting on one loss to their name, neither team will want to give an inch on their rivals and we can expect a fast and hard-hitting battle from start to finish which will play a major part in determining who will emerge as league winners come May.

Hampstead boast a veritable beauty parade of international talent with legions of ex-DI & DIII US college veterans and European athletes and enjoy a league-leading average of 13.4 goals per game against their opponents so far, making them the most prolific and free-scoring team in the Southern top flight. With strength and pace across the pitch, Hampstead have experience and ability to call upon in swathes and will be out to show their capabilities and attacking prowess against their biggest rivals from across the city.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.41.18 PM
Hampstead #43 and Yale alumni fires one across the crease in the Hampstead-Spencer semi-final from last season

Spencer have bagged just 3 goals fewer than their adversaries, but find themselves ahead in the league standings thanks to a better goal difference.

Colloquially-known as the “Northern Exiles”, Spencer have a squad built upon NEMLA foundations with a number of players who have competed in the Northern Premiership, vastly-considered to be the highest-level competition in the UK. In addition to these Northern powerhouses, their local contingent have benefitted over the years from training with the best in the South and a blend of hard-hitting defence and free-flowing offensive sets make them a team capable of playing the best lacrosse in the league. With the best defensive record in the league, conceding only 32 goals in 8 games, they are incredibly-hard to break down and their pace and threats in transition will ensure that this game will undoubtedly be one full of excitement for the fans to thrive off.

With both teams giving everything to protect their win-loss ratios and desperate to climb the table and continue their respective assaults on the league, this is set to be nothing short of a thriller which any lax fan in the South will be doing all they can to witness.

Will Hampstead’s international contingent have enough to break Spencer’s hold on this fixture or will the Sparrows continue with their home dominance and take home bragging rights as well as the points?

When the league’s two best attacks meet the league’s two best defences, you can be sure that a fascinating encounter is afoot – make sure you check back next week to see how this exciting confrontation unfolds!

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