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Post-College Blues?

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Last week published a very valid and heartfelt article about the distinct lack of lacrosse US athletes have available to them post-college – a common feeling we hear amongst new and potential LTP students.

Too often our students tell us that having endured all of the dark early morning practices, the extra pre-season running sessions, the struggle to manage the workload of college life on top of athletic commitments, the world post-college can often feel a desolate place without the outlet of playing the sport they have committed such time, effort, blood, sweat and tears into.


LTP'ers in Dublin, Ireland
LTP’ers in Dublin, Ireland

Starting off as children playing for the love of the game, our lacrosse experiences become increasingly competitive until the point where for many of us, lacrosse literally rules of daily lives, as well as those around us. Going from this state of “lax is life” to having nothing but a couple of summer tournaments and a casual pick-up league of mixed ability (and commitment) can be a shock to the system and is a waste of all the hard work our athletes put in over the course of their collegiate careers. The camaraderie, the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself, the team spirit and sense of belonging is something many find irreplaceable outside of the college and high school experience, and is something many people long for when they finish at the tender age of just 23.

LacrosseThePond (LTP) was set up with the goal of offering US/Canadian students the opportunity to further their lacrosse playing careers while also continuing their studies and gaining their Masters Degrees in the UK. With a degree from the UK being well-respected internationally and highly sought-after by employers as well as taking half the time to complete (and subsequently the price) than it’s US counterpart, increasing numbers of students are finding the opportunity to study abroad the ideal way of differentiating themselves and standing out in a sea of job applicants, all the while getting to continue playing (and coaching) the sport they have dedicated so much of their lives to.

LTP'ers Playing for The University of Manchester
LTP’ers Playing for The University of Manchester

Lacrosse in the UK has the largest participation figures outside of The US/Canada and the club and collegiate leagues are both incredibly competitive across the nation. LTP students are matched at a university of their choice which plays collegiate lacrosse during the week (every Wednesday afternoon) as well as with a club in a competitive league playing on Saturday afternoons. Many of our students undertake coaching roles at their universities and often at their clubs as well, giving them the more familiar experience of playing lacrosse between 4-5 times weekly. In addition to this, LTP enter teams into a range of tournaments both domestically and across Europe in locations such as Prague, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam, Vienna and Budapest, meaning our students get to travel as well as play – the ideal combination!

LTP in Berlin, Germany
LTP in Berlin, Germany

The LTP Programme enables students to:-

  • Earn an internationally renowned Masters Degree in half the time as at a US college
  • Continue playing and coaching lacrosse at a competitive level
  • Travel Europe and experience new cultures

Since finishing the programme, a number of our students have chosen to remain in Europe (one of whom went on to full-time coaching role in Russia!), while others have returned to The US with their Masters Degree a year earlier than their friends of the same age, giving them a competitive advantage when looking for a job. The feedback from our students is unanimously positive and many have returned since to join us in our European tournaments!

Whilst studying a Masters Degree will not be for everyone, if you are considering this route then why not do so twice as quickly as your friends whilst continuing your lacrosse careers and traveling Europe at the same time?

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