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Mike Pristouris: The LTP Experience

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Hi everyone,

My name is Michael Pristouris and I am from Danbury, Connecticut. I am currently studying at the University of Exeter receiving my MSc Degree in Marketing in one year. If you’ve never heard of Exeter, I’ll give you a quick description. It’s awarded sports university of the year as well as ranked 93rd in the world academically. It’s also located in southern England and is only a 2 hour train ride from London.

2015 Picture from LIU Post
LIU Post Pioneer

Before I was here, I studied at LIU Post (formally known as CW Post) where I played Division II lacrosse. Lacrosse The Pond (LTP) came to inform us of this great opportunity my first year there. It was always in the back of my mind in case something went wrong with my five year plan I originally had. Once I got to the point of graduating, I looked more into the opportunity to study across the pond that LTP offered. It would have cost me 53,000 to study one year and receive my MBA from LIU Post. I realized that I really could not afford any of that so I remembered to contact LTP and see what the options were for me.

To be honest, my options were endless. After doing my research, I found a few universities I was interested in. When I told LTP about the situation they handled everything for me. All I needed to do was write my statements and send my transcripts. LTP handled all my applications and got in contact with any scholarship I could get a hold of. Finishing up at LIU was a bit stressful, especially with my last season going on at the same time. It was super easy and really convenient that LTP handled all that for me.

Exeter Pre Season Tournament

Once I was accepted, I decided to choose the University of Exeter. LTP put me in contact with someone in the Athletic Union (AU) here and I was able to obtain a 50% player/coach scholarship. I informed one of my teammates about this and he also decided to do this journey with me. Even though the summer had just started when he decided to join me, LTP handled everything for him in just a summer, including getting him a scholarship.

September came around and it was time to make my way to England. LTP was there right away to pick me up from London with all my new furniture for my place. As soon as they helped me get settled in, they put me in contact with the lacrosse captains. Once I met with the captains and some of the teammates, they gave me a tour of the city and took me out that night. I had a great time and even met the girl’s team player coach who played over at Penn State. It was a different type of crowd than I was use to but it was definitely a good type of different.

Study, Lacrosse, Travel
Study, Lacrosse, Travel

Lacrosse over here is a lot of fun and the kids want to learn as much as they can from me while I’m here. It’s not as intense as it was in the states so it doesn’t interfere with my classes as much. I have a few practices a week one game followed by a men’s and women’s team social. Academically, my classes here are great, everything is very relative to my interests so I don’t have to take any classes that are unrelated to my major.

Overall, the experience over here is great. LTP has been checking up on me throughout my time here to make sure everything is going well, and if I need anything to make sure to contact them. This experience is giving me the opportunity to stick around the game, get a great education, and be able to travel places I’ve never had the opportunity of going. LTP is a great program and I highly recommend looking into it and receiving your degree across the pond.

The new squad.

Thanks to University of Exeter Lacrosse Club for the solid pictures!

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