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University of Manchester, Oxford Road

Well it’s been 6 weeks now since my arrival to the UK, more specifically, Manchester. As the title suggests, things over here hit the ground running, except for day 1 which was sluggish. Upon arrival at the Manchester airport, I was greeted by Sam and Chris Russell and my flat-mate (flat = apartment) Jack and his father. Immediately I could tell I was somewhere else because as I stepped off the curb, looked the wrong way to cross the street and almost got hit by a cab. Learned that lesson really quick. Later on in the week, our third flat-mate, Drew, arrived and we hit the city center for a quick bite and a pint.

A quick background on myself: I am from Long Island, NY and was fortunate enough to play my college ball at DII Saint Leo University near Tampa, Florida. Leading up to and upon arrival to the UK, I was repeatedly told to be prepared for the bad, rainy weather and gloomy skies, but to be quite honest, except for maybe 1 day and a few evening rains, it has been nothing but beautiful out. The cold air has begun to move in now and soon it will be time to turn on the radiators throughout the house.

Coaching at Poynton
Coaching at Poynton

The first full weekend here, I was immersed into the English lacrosse culture by having the opportunity to play in a pre-season game with, what is now my club team, Poynton. Along with playing for Poynton, I have the unique opportunity to help coach the youth of the club as well on Saturday mornings in their weekly matches before playing in the 1st teams afternoon game in chase of “The Cup” – no it’s not the same as the Stanley Cup. The other team I play for, along with my 2 flat-mates, is the UoM/uni (University of Manchester) team. We practice twice a week and play games on Wednesdays. It is great to have two teams of guys that are so friendly and welcoming to both the teams, the social scene in the area and the clubhouse at Poynton.

So far, school has been pretty good. Making friends in classes from all over the world and was really surprised how well people speak English considering that most of my classmates are not from English-speaking countries. I have the privilege of studying Business Management at the world renowned Manchester Business School (MBS) which is going through a transformation to update the buildings and a local grant helped to add to the new name. Our third week here, the business school took my program up to the Lake District in the north, which if I may say, is absolutely beautiful.


Manchester Skyline from Manchester Business School
Manchester Skyline from Manchester Business School

I am currently planning a short weekend trip for next weekend since its reading week and have no class with major free time. Just sorting out some funds and places to go on a budget. Some things never change with college kids. That’s about it for now. Looking forward to updating you guys along the journey in the UK.


Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson

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