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No Room, No Bags, BIG Problem – St.Paddy’s Day in Dublin

Guinness Factory Gravity Bar

No Room, No Bags, No Problem, BIG Problem

So it all started a couple months ago when we first got here. We started talking about going to Dublin for St. Patricks Day and we have this whole plan to stay the weekend and everything but then comes a month until St. Patricks Day and while we were looking for a place to stay everything was so expensive that when it came down to it we didn’t book anything. We decided to just fly out the Monday morning and fly back home the next morning on the earliest flight without booking somewhere to stay. Yeah terrible idea we know.


We hit one major speed bump that I can’t let got unnoticed. Alberto was left in charged of booking mine and his flights, which also turned out to be a terrible idea because he booked the wrong flight out. He booked the last flight instead of the first flight of the day and had to call to cancel and change the flight the day before we left. Thankfully it got figured out or else Tom would have had to brave Dublin himself.

The morning went off incredibly smoothly, we kick started the day with a few pints of Guinness with breakfast then onto the short flight and right onto a bus to the Guinness factory. The Guinness factory was awesome. It showed you everything from the brewing process to the advertising history. We spent about 30 minutes walking to the top where they have a gravity bar. Your ticket gives you one free pint of Guinness but some nice ladies gave us about 4 or 5 more for us to share which was ever so kind.

Guinness Factory
Guinness Factory

Next we found ourselves with thousands of others lining the streets waiting for the parade to start until our patient grew thin. We found a nice pub a block away where we could still semi see the street. Alberto and Tom ended up going to the parade for about 30 seconds to snap a picture but I just stayed  in the pub, someone had to watch the drinks.

Paddy's Day Parade
Paddy’s Day Parade

The streets stayed lined the whole night with people from all over the world, screaming, dancing, and drinking in the streets. There were all sorts of live Irish bands playing. It was one of the biggest parties I’ve ever been too. We ended up walking the streets and bar hopping for the rest of the afternoon and early evening, talking to all sorts of people and of course consuming as much Guinness as possible.

It got to about 10:30 when the moment we were waiting for happened. We hit a giant wall and every sip was a struggle to keep down. We ended up sitting on a bridge, people watching for a short while. Alberto ended up back in the pub where Tom and I later found him getting friendly with a French girl. It was adorable but we had to get to the airport the plane was leaving in 6 hours.

We thought the airport was going to be empty, but turned out we weren’t the only ones with this idea. There were tons of people sleeping on benches and the floor eating McDonalds. I caught an hour of sleep, Tom had a cup of coffee and was wired and I have no idea what Alberto was doing. But our flight back was as smooth as the one there and we were home by 8am. We decided to cancel class for the day and ended up sleeping until about 3 before getting up and doing some work.

I Would definetly recommend St. Patricks Day in Dublin for anyone, its such a great atmosphere and there is so much to see. If I could do it again I would have stayed another day or gotten  a later flight out the morning of, but I still don’t regret it.


Mike DeNapoli

LTP ’14

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