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Strap in for this one, a rant’s a coming…

I’m not a big man.  Not only in stature, standing at 5’8’’, but in character at times. I have the tendency to hold grudges and to be petty.  That’s something that is a constant struggle for me, to accept the bad and move on.  It’s maybe a lesson I had to learn this weekend.  In a big game loss to our cross-town rivals, their class shown both during (I hate to admit) and after was something to respect.  Never in the States could I image going for drinks with the opposition post game (something that’s common place here by the way). And even running into a team by chance would be something that in the States might be likely to result in a brawl. Go back a few years and tell me that after a rough hard fought game, I’d be sharing few good words and drinks for your rival and that I’d be buying a round of drinks for the ‘enemy’ and I’d call you a liar. But that’s exactly what transpired Sunday night. While I may not a big man, I’m a big enough man to know when I’ve been beaten the right way.  To steal a sentiment from Moneyball -How can you not be romantic about lacrosse.  Sorry baseball, but even you know lacrosse is better.  It’s not just a game.  Those that just see it as mere sport are those that just see the tree, and miss the forest. It’s a life style and pursuit of perfection in chaos.  The medicine game, the little brother of war. It’s something that has taken me from the back yards of Virginia, to a National Championship in Russia (shout out to the Spb White Knights), to the muddy pitches of the North East in England. From the first time I unwrapped a Lacrosse stick on Christmas and preceded to give my pops a black eye off a feed to goal in the backyard, to countless hours in the backyard destroying my mom’s lawn furniture I’d set up as goals MacGyver would be proud of (sorry mom I still owe you a replacement set as well as the window I put out). To the life lessons from my great coaches that taught me along the way (Coach Berger, Stevenson, Squires, Ayres, D-hoe (both elder and younger), Kip Turner/Bud Petite, etc.).  I’ve tried to live up to the examples they set for me. Above all the challenge that was set forth on us by Bill Ayres on leaving North Stafford of, “No matter if it’s a year from now, five years from now, or 50 years from now, at some point, in some way, give back to the game that gave you so much.”  So I continue to be surprised and in awe of where this game has taken me so far, and look forward to what it brings in the future…..


Bobby Grove

About the author
Robert Grove
Bobby was born in Gainesville, Florida. But moved around early on because of his father Mike’s job in the US Army and ended up picking up lacrosse while living in Stafford, Virginia. Following in his brother’s footsteps, Bobby played lacrosse for North Stafford High School taking them to the first ever State-Sanctioned VHSL Final Four in 2006. Bobby continued his lacrosse career playing at James Madison University. After moving on to Mount Saint Mary’s University, he shifted his lacrosse focus to coaching for Westminster Area Lacrosse club in Maryland, after a brief stint with North Stafford High School. In 2012 Bobby moved to St. Petersburg Russia to teach English. While in Russia, Bobby took on the role of Player-Coach for the Saint Petersburg White Knights Lacrosse club.

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