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So I checked my mailbox today…still no burrito. I don’t know why I keep checking the mailbox for a burrito; I know it’s illegal to send food across the pond. Regardless, I keep checking in hopes that an angel has decided to make its way to The Foxbank Pad and put one of those gorgeous beauts in the palm of my hands. Even worse, the thing I call my sister sent me a picture of a burrito she was eating earlier today. Of course she found it humorous when I sent her an angered response, but I promptly deleted the picture so that the pain wouldn’t last long.

To further pile onto my big stinking pile of burrito FOMO, the people at Headwrapz created a unique piece of historical art. Hands down, this creation will last forever in the timeless legacy of lacrosse. They created a California Republic helmet, and I couldn’t be more pumped on it. At first I was rolling deep in pride for my homeland, but then my thoughts shifted to….yup, you guessed it….burritos. Safe to say, it’s become my next and final helmet. So Headwrapz, if you’re reading this, help a buddy out and ship one over here please! It’ll definitely take my mind off of my burrito withdrawals, and I’ll be rocking it wherever I play lacrosse in this universe (Hey you never know, we could end up playing lacrosse on Mars in the future, right Rich? You never know).

California Helmet
Headwrapz California Republic Helmet

While we’re on the topic of lacrosse gear, I’d like to give a quick shout out to Stringking Lacrosse. Their product literally made the hassle of dealing with this weather so much easier, so big thanks to you guys. It’s definitely a must-have for future LTP’ers, actually scratch that, it’s a must-have for every lacrosse player.

Speaking of which, the weather here in England has been nuts. I just read an article where this is possibly the wettest season in the history of UK lacrosse. Let’s rewind it back to the cup game Mike mentioned last week. We played against Birmingham University and won the game, but it was the weather that made the day interesting. The game started off sunny and average cold, but throughout the game, it transformed into mad rain and chilly weather, and then to tornado conditions and sideways rain. We had to play on a turf field 40 minutes away from our usual spot, since the home field was destroyed. Some of the players took round-trip expeditions on the train, except the trains and the majority of public transportation got shut down sometime during the game. Let’s just say they had one hell of a journey trying to make their way back home, while others and I got lucky with rides back.


Later that day, I came home to discover that one of our course mates has become a viral sensation across the British Cybernet. The crazy winds we experienced during the game were even crazier in town. It was something like 100 mph of wind just changing the game on everyone in Manchester. Ladies and gents, meet Naomi, the girl who got knocked over by the winds and couldn’t get up for 15 seconds or so. And just her luck, there was a photographer to capture the wonderful moment.

It’s weird to personally know someone who’s a famous viral sensation, but don’t worry folks, I won’t let it all get my head. I think I’ll be able to stay humble and not become the next Justin Bieber. Boy that kid has problems.

Tom and his Trophy
Tom and his Trophy

Anyways, prior to the cup game, games were canceled for the club teams. But that didn’t stop us from going to Poynton for a 2-for-1 drinks special that night. Needless to say, we had a blast at the Poynton clubhouse. Mike and Tom actually ended up being the last two in the pool game we were playing. It got really intense, miracle shots were being made, and a glorious pink hat was the coveted prize (there was money too, but no one cared about the money). After a crazy and emotion-filled American classic showdown, Tom ended up winning. You can see how bad he wanted that hat in the picture. Currently, he’s still the proud owner of the pink hat and wears it with pride.

The other day, Tom and I made an afternoon trip to Warrington, which is where a buddy of ours, Alex, lives. It’s a cool town where I felt a more rural vibe. Alex’s house used to be a farmhouse, so you could image that rural vibe I was getting. Interestingly, on the drive into Warrington I had a weird flashback to colonial American times. The buildings we saw reminded me a bit of Boston, and it was cool to see that connection. It’s one thing to learn about the history in class, but to see it and make that link was whole ‘nother thing. On the way back from Warrington, we made a stop by Old Trafford, where Manchester United plays. Personally as a Man United fan, I was mad stoked to finally set foot on those grounds. Sorry I’m not sorry Dela. Of course I’ve got some pictures to share with you guys from that trip, so scope them out below.

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Right now, it’s 2am and I’m jamming out to Katy B (famous British singer who I just discovered) as I type out this blog at the last minute, like I do with all of my schoolwork. Just kidding Mom, of course I don’t wait till the last minute to do my assignments (actually, I kind of do but ssshhh don’t tell her). But before I sign off, I just want to take a moment to thank my family for not only being supportive of all of this, but also all that they’ve done for me throughout my life. In a month, I’ll hit the golden age of 23 (as a fan of Michael Jordan and David Beckham, both whose numbers were 23, I’ve long had this weird notion that 23 will be the peak of my life. Not really I’m only kidding, but the scared kid in me keeps thinking it.) and it’s had me looking back on my life. I’m halfway done with my Master’s, Eric Church and Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and I’m living in another country while doing all of this madness. The thought of that still blows me away, and if it weren’t for my family I seriously wouldn’t be here right now having this epic LTP experience. So here’s to a big shout out to The Familia…except the sister, I still haven’t forgiven her for sending me that burrito picture. You have a long ways to go Natalie in order for me to forgive you.

So to everyone reading this, keep the good vibes going around amigos.

Until next time…

Alberto Gonzalez LTP ’14

P.S. We still haven’t heard from you Eric aka @ericchurch and The Ritz @ritz_mama, what could you guys be doing that you haven’t seen our tweets? Mike aka @mdenap2 has got so many people fired up for this concert that we’ve got course mates, lacrosse buddies, and professional basketball players all coming to this concert. Tom aka @tomring10, will shave his beard if we hear from you, and that’s a big deal since he’s grown a beard so majestic, that he’s got Chuck Norris questioning his existence. To the readers, help us out by shooting tweets to Eric and The Ritz! We’ve got to make this happen!

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Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Alberto discovered lacrosse during his freshman year of high school at Canyon Crest Academy. After two short stints at Chapman University and University of San Diego, he moved to Mexico City for a year where he started a lacrosse team at a local university called Universidad de Anahuac Mexico Norte. This helped with the creation of the first official college lacrosse league with 5 other teams competing. With this experience, plus a summer on Semester at Sea, Alberto grew to love traveling and decided to do what he can to help the sport of lacrosse grow worldwide. Graduating from Chapman with Bachelor's in Advertising, and now pursing a Masters in International Creative Advertising, Alberto aims to pursue a lucrative career in international advertising while helping the growth of lacrosse around the world.

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