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Beans on Toast
Beans on Toast

They eat beans on toast here. Can you believe that!? Beans on toast, who would ever do such a thing. That’s an actual meal here and I’ll tell you what, its awesome. My love for beans has grown to a full blown obsession since I’ve been here.

I would just talk about beans this whole blog but the blog patrol might shut me down. So it looks like we will have to have a quick rundown of what I’ve seen as the English menu.

That brings me to the top 3 DO EAT’s on the English menu:

1. Fish and Chips: This one is a no brainer. First thing they told me was not to get them at a chinese food place, so I did, and lets just say don’t get them at a chinese food place. Strawberry Pig on Saturdays is necessary post P-Town wins.

Strawberry Pigs
The Strawberry Pig in Poynton

2. Pie’s: Also a no brainer. You can get a pie anywhere and for some reason it’s always good. Also you can get a meat pie or an actual dessert pie, had minced pie during Christmas and it was awesome. Its pretty much just sugar and fruit in a heated up pie crust, goes great with a mimosa.

3. Curry: Yeah that’s not a typo. They love curry here, its as much an English meal as it is anything else. I actually have come to really enjoy it even though I have no idea what the name of what I’m eating is most of the time.

Obviously this list is up for debate but this is my blog and I’ll do what I want (as long as the blog patrol doesn’t hold me down). I can’t skip the top 3 DO NOT EAT’s but I’m running out of room so you’ll have to wait for my next blog.

The lacrosse season is winding down and after an epic 241 night at the Poynton sports club that took the dignity of many of the Poynton lads, it looks like P-Town is firmly in place to be put in the top 4 group for the playoffs and it will need to make a huge push. @MMUlax also has a huge cup game this Wednesday. After our first cup game win we look to continue the momentum to come on top.

Country Star, Eric Church
Country Star, Eric Church

Coming up for the Manchester boys is Eric Church, who will be in Manchester March 1stand there was no way I was going to miss that. We’ll be trying to drag some of these Brits to the show even though they have zero interest in country music. Still waiting for @ericchurch and @ritz_mama to respond to my tweet (@mdenap2), so if you are reading this, let’s get to it!




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