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The Poynton Skydome

A Break from the Rain

It’s a well known fact that it rains a lot in England, but it actually isn’t a big issue…until you see the pitch you have to play on after a week of rain. Two weeks ago, I thought there was no way we could have been playing but after a last minute field switch to the skydome in Higher Poynton, the game was on. And no… it’s not indoors… no idea why it’s called the skydome. There’s no way to describe the state of this pitch but I’ll give it a go. The field might as well have been on a 45 degree angle with half of the field covered in ankle deep puddles. How did the lines look you ask? No lines… well, actually there were lines, they were just made of mud. Ohhh I forgot to mention scanning the field pregame to pick up dog poop… have to say that was a first. Despite the field conditions, the monsoon during warm ups, and @mdenap2 complaining about getting wet, we got the W. It was definitely a game I’ll never forget. It may sound like it sucked, but everyone involved had a great time and left the field covered in mud from head to toe.

Darts with the Boys!

Let’s see, what’s been going on since we last talked? Unfortunately, I wasn’t around for new years in London with Alberto and Mike. I got to spend Christmas and new years back in Jersey with friends and family, which was a great time as usual. Wish I could bring everyone out to England for a weekend to show them what I’ve been up to. These blogs definitely don’t do it justice. Alberto, Mike and I recently had our works do (holiday party). Always interesting to see your coworkers letting loose outside of work. Let’s just say everyone felt a little fragile the next day. The Poynton lads took us out to a proper English pub a few weekends ago for a few beers and some darts before heading out to the usual post game bars and we recently visited the Manchester Museum but got there right before closing time. Definitely need to go back there soon because rumor has it there are some dinosaurs hidden in there, and obviously I need to see some dinosaurs.

Aside from that, lately everything’s been pretty standard. The semester has started up and with the dissertation looming, it’s going to be pretty important to stay ahead of the coursework. We’re also trying to save money wherever possible so that we can make it to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day along with our big summer trip around Europe. We’re open to any and all suggestions as far as places to see. As of now we’re relying on a giant map of Europe and a few darts to plan it for us.

Anyway, I guess it’s about that time for a shameless social media promotion (why not, am I right?). Follow me on Twitter @tomring10 and Instagram @r1ngstagram for more frequent updates on what it’s really like living in another country.

Number 7 in your programs,

Number 1 in your hearts,

Tom Ring

LTP ‘14

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Tom Ring
Born and raised in Nutley, NJ, Tom played at Nutley High School before moving on to play at D3 Montclair State University in North Jersey, graduating with a degree in biology in 2012. Tom took a year off of school to work, but ended up leaving the states to play for Bayswater Lacrosse Club in Perth, Western Australia before arriving in England.

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