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Life and Lacrosse in Newcastle

Welcome to Newcastle
Welcome to Newcastle

Now that you all are caught up on the goings on in happy ol’ Manchester including lax camps, New Years in London, and Shenanigans (quality use of the word Shenanigans Alberto), let’s take a look up to the sunny warm North East.  Did I say sunny and warm, my mistake, what I meant to say is something more like rain, rain, wind and oh yah more rain.

Quick Glimpse of the Newcastle Sun
Quick Glimpse of the Sun

Nothing quite like having the joy of sitting in Goal to face a combined 9 shots in the driving rain at 35 degree temps (that’s around 2 degrees for all of you on this side of the pond) this past weekend for the Newcastle Knights (which was a 10-2 win to remain unbeaten for all those Newcastle Knights fans out there).  Maybe I’m just still in zombie mode from finishing up first semester with 11,000 odd words over 5 papers due in a 2 week span, or maybe I’m just missing out on the magical kabob’s mentioned by Alberto in last weeks blog, who knows.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not all doom and gloom up here in Newcastle, just getting ready to make the second semester start off the right way.  Hard to believe it’s already half way done, and only 4 courses and a dissertation are all that’s left academically.

Ferris Bueller
Ferris Bueller

But in the words of the great Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast if you don’t stop and look around every once and a while you could miss it.” And in taking that idea to heart, this is going to be a semester that will be pack full of good distractions from the grind, which includes, but is not limited to going on ‘Tour” in April.  For those of you that are completely lost by what I mean by tour don’t worry let me explain.  Tour is essentially a good team bonding vacation that a lot of English University Sports Teams go on during Easter Break.  So that being said over the prolonged Easter Break here, I’ll be going with the uni lacrosse team to Salou, Spain, for a week of lacrosse, fun and hopefully that mythical thing called the Sun (which after a year in Russia and five months in Newcastle I’m honestly skeptical that is still exists, I mean really a large star that brings warmth and sunshine to everyone….yah come on).  The highlight of which looks to be the team’s Salou Open Golf Tournament that’s being planned, including tacky colored jacket to the winner.  So here’s to good feedback from first semester and a good second on to the rest of the LTP’ers out there.  Until next time, take it easy.

-Bobby Grove

LTP ’14


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Robert Grove
Bobby was born in Gainesville, Florida. But moved around early on because of his father Mike’s job in the US Army and ended up picking up lacrosse while living in Stafford, Virginia. Following in his brother’s footsteps, Bobby played lacrosse for North Stafford High School taking them to the first ever State-Sanctioned VHSL Final Four in 2006. Bobby continued his lacrosse career playing at James Madison University. After moving on to Mount Saint Mary’s University, he shifted his lacrosse focus to coaching for Westminster Area Lacrosse club in Maryland, after a brief stint with North Stafford High School. In 2012 Bobby moved to St. Petersburg Russia to teach English. While in Russia, Bobby took on the role of Player-Coach for the Saint Petersburg White Knights Lacrosse club.

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