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Before I get into anything, I’m going to go ahead and name myself the dark horse of the competition for best LTP blogger of the 2014 season. I’ll let Tom and Mike squabble with each other at the top of the totem pole, while I swoop around them to win in the end. Shots have officially been fired from all ends.

Also one thing Mike left out in his blog post about NYE in London. We had, hands down, the best kabob ever. The moment it graced our taste buds we agreed that it transcended all levels of sobriety. Unfortunately there’s no picture of this kabob since we were to busy engulfing the thing whole. Another thing too, here’s a picture of the run down hostel we stayed at the first night, along with some other pictures of London.


Since London, we’ve been kicking back in Manchester, with Tom coming back a few days later. We’ve tried to find a kabob to match the gloriousness of the London kabob, but so far no luck. We’re definitely stoked to get back to London the 2nd time around with Tom, as there’s still so much to do there. Of course you can count on us being at that kabob shop at least once a day while we’re there. More so it’ll be therapeutic for myself, as I’ve gone through physical withdrawal, mental scarring, and emotional damage since I’ve gone about 4 months without a burrito from San Diego, let alone SoCal. Those who have had the gift from God, that is a quality Carne Asada Burrito/Fries, know my pain. I’m positive I’ll be sobbing tears of joy when I finally sink my teeth into a burrito upon my return to sunny San Diego.

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Anyways, before the semester started the Mike, Sam, and I met up with a future LTP ’15 member, Chris. I showed him around the city center (no I’ll never say centre), and gave him the low down on all things Manchester, along with my experience so far. Then later we met up with Sam and Mike and went out to a restaurant called, Revolucion De Cuba. After Dinner me and Mike took Chris on a night out at 5th Ave, where our boy Zach Rooney from MMU, and my future lawyer, met up with us. It was a great night, and i’m sure you’ll be seeing Chris’ blog posts in the coming LTP ’15 season. We’ve got a picture from the night, but unfortunately when it was taken we lost Chris for about 20 mins or so.

5th Ave
5th Ave

Technically the 2nd term started last week, but for Mike and I it started this week. Tom wasn’t too happy about that but hey, not everyone can be awesome. We’re also getting started with our dissertation workshops in the coming weeks, yikes. It’s a weird moment when you realize you’re finally starting your dissertation and it’s going to be a lot of research and typing (15,000 words) but don’t worry, the LTP boys are studs who’ll knock it out of the park.

P.S. I’m going to hop on the bandwagon of shameless self-promotion and put out my Twitter. You can follow me, aka the Dark horse of LTP ’14 aka first West Coast LTP member, at @simpletrvlr.

Until next time amigos….

Alberto Gonzalez LTP ‘14

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Alberto Gonzalez
Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Alberto discovered lacrosse during his freshman year of high school at Canyon Crest Academy. After two short stints at Chapman University and University of San Diego, he moved to Mexico City for a year where he started a lacrosse team at a local university called Universidad de Anahuac Mexico Norte. This helped with the creation of the first official college lacrosse league with 5 other teams competing. With this experience, plus a summer on Semester at Sea, Alberto grew to love traveling and decided to do what he can to help the sport of lacrosse grow worldwide. Graduating from Chapman with Bachelor's in Advertising, and now pursing a Masters in International Creative Advertising, Alberto aims to pursue a lucrative career in international advertising while helping the growth of lacrosse around the world.

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