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Day 84, food supplies low, temperature dropping and the clock is winding down. With only 2 weeks left until I head home for the holidays there is just too much to do. Still need to eat curry (its classified as an Indian dish but is just as much a part of English culture) and head on over the Christmas markets again even though last time I had a German sausage, pulled pork sandwich, some mini Dutch pancake things and a Mortadella Panini that I’m still digesting from last week. Which was an awesome time by the way, went with Alberto and my course mates for some great food after a chilled day at the pub. Check out the picture below.

German Market

I Figured since our last “bloggers” used some English lingo I would give y’all the “Mike DeNapoli English Cheat Sheet ™”

Mates = “friends”: I’ll be at the pub with my “mates”.

Lads = “Bro’s” ,“dudes”, “boys”: What are you “lads” doing tonight?

Pitch = “Field”: That “pitch” sure is muddy.

I’m not so sure about these ones but they sound fun, so I just guess their meaning:

Cheeky:  Honestly I have no clue, heard one guy say “ooo that was a cheeky left.”

Keen: I’m pretty sure it means interested, but I can’t be positive.  He’s “keen” to learn more about lacrosse.

Posh: If you’ve ever seen The Parent Trap with the Lindsay Lohan and her twin (yeah I know she doesn’t have a twin but we all wish there was one more Lindsay Lohan), the one who lives in England would be considered Posh.

The list goes on and to be honest I’m not your best source for English lingo translation, you can hit up @LAXTHEPOND on twitter and while we’re out it just follow me @mdenap2 because I don’t have a lot of followers and maybe i’ll have some cool posts.

Coming up for me is a nice trip home for Christmas where I can see my family and of course go watch the Irish whoop some a** in the Pinstripe Bowl. I also got a sweet little internship at this ad agency, resume is looking good! *cough *cough* anyone working in an advertising agency reading this! Also, this spring it looks like i’ll be going on tour with the lads at Man Met to Spain, and a little bonus trip around Western Europe with my roommates, then probably off to Eastern Europe once we finish the next term.

On a serious note, everyone has been really generous so far, just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Poynton, our unofficial tour guide Tom McDonald, @MMULax and my course mates. We are also thankful for one of the boys from last year who was generous enough to leave us the golds.

– Mike DeNapoli

’14 LTP

Denapoli prof 

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