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American Thanksgiving with the LTP Crew
American Thanksgiving with the LTP Crew

We’re about two and a half months in and it’s been a great time so far.  As soon as the flight landed, we hit the ground running and time has been flying by. I’ve been playing on Saturdays for Poynton Lacrosse Club, which is slightly outside of Manchester.  Our first game was the first weekend here and after a small learning curve we’ve put ourselves into third place in the top league in Manchester.

During the week I’m also attending Manchester Met with my two roommates Alberto, who posted earlier, and Mike who you’ll hear from soon.  This past Wednesday we won our first cup game, taking down the undefeated Nottingham Trent.  The schoolwork here is a little different than what I’ve been used to.  I’m working on my masters in food innovation and each class only has two assignments that make up the entire grade.  It can be a little nerve racking handing in a paper worth 50% or 60% of your class but it’s really not too bad.

Aside from school and lacrosse, I’ve also gotten a part time job to make a few extra pounds for the weekends.  Speaking of which, the nightlife in Manchester is awesome.  There’s always something to do here but I’ve also gotten to spend a night in Newcastle earlier this year, as well as Sheffield most recently for the infamous LTP all star, Richard Parsons’, last night across the pond.

Manchester Cathedral
Manchester Cathedral

The highlight of the experience thus far might have to be the LTP Thanksgiving.  It had a lot of hype surrounding it from previous years and it definitely delivered.  Coming from the delicious food of the tri-state area, the food here in England is a little bit of a shock at first.  However, LTP spared no expense, bringing in all of the students and staff together for an unbelievable, home cooked, thanksgiving meal.  Seriously…it was delicious.  We ate and drank all night, each of us sharing stories of our different experiences.  There wasn’t a dull moment and LTP really made all of us feel like we were at home.

This has been a crazy month for me because earlier in the month I had to make an emergency trip home to the states.  LTP dropped me off and picked me up from the airport as well as checked in to make sure everything was going all right.  I certainly have no shortage of friends here as everyone has let me know that they’re there for me if I ever need it.

But for now, it’s back to the grind with three more assignments left in this term.  It’s easy to say that I’m having a blast so far and can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has to offer.

– Tom Ring

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Tom Ring
Born and raised in Nutley, NJ, Tom played at Nutley High School before moving on to play at D3 Montclair State University in North Jersey, graduating with a degree in biology in 2012. Tom took a year off of school to work, but ended up leaving the states to play for Bayswater Lacrosse Club in Perth, Western Australia before arriving in England.

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