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I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore

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It’s more than two months now into the LTP experience here in Newcastle upon Tyne, and everything is in full swing.  Aside from lacrosse, I’m making headway in my Masters Degree in Sociology at Newcastle University.  The University has a great international mix in our program, both in faculty and student body.  While it definitely took some getting used to the Geordie accents of the North East, everything is going swimmingly now that I’m settled in.  The University staff has been more than accommodating to make sure the transition to both post graduate life and life in England as smooth as possible.  As for the lacrosse side of things, the opportunities afforded to me in Newcastle couldn’t be better.  Not only do I have a chance to coach and play for Newcastle University during the week, I get to be a part of the Newcastle Knights Lacrosse Club.  Both teams have accepted me with open arms and their passion for the game here as well as the desire to improve is contagious.

Coaching Newcastle Lacrosse
Warmup at Newcastle Lacrosse Training

The Uni team is ramping up for a Cup game this week against the University of Edinburgh.  Have to be honest I’m still getting used to the FIL rules and how the season is structured over on this side of the pond, but those are just some of the things you get used to as you roll with the punches.  Luckily having two games a week (one with the University and one with the Knights) you pick it up quick.

I have to admit the whole idea and structure of the Men’s Club teams over here are pretty amazing, and something I’d love to try to bring back to the states whenever I return.  Having teams where you can have high-level post collegiate lacrosse in the number of cities they do is great for the sport.  It is a bit odd for me that post game both teams go together to a pub for a pint and bite after but the sportsmanship and brotherhood of it is amazing.  I can’t imagine doing that in the states after a hard fought match, but here it’s just all about the game.  You leave grudges on the field and forget them over a beer.

Well that’s all for now.  Check back later for more updates of player experiences in the LTP program.


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Robert Grove
Bobby was born in Gainesville, Florida. But moved around early on because of his father Mike’s job in the US Army and ended up picking up lacrosse while living in Stafford, Virginia. Following in his brother’s footsteps, Bobby played lacrosse for North Stafford High School taking them to the first ever State-Sanctioned VHSL Final Four in 2006. Bobby continued his lacrosse career playing at James Madison University. After moving on to Mount Saint Mary’s University, he shifted his lacrosse focus to coaching for Westminster Area Lacrosse club in Maryland, after a brief stint with North Stafford High School. In 2012 Bobby moved to St. Petersburg Russia to teach English. While in Russia, Bobby took on the role of Player-Coach for the Saint Petersburg White Knights Lacrosse club.

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