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Stockport Road in Manchester

It’s been about 2 months since i’ve arrived and it’s been one hell of a time so far. Coming from sunny San Diego, it’s taken some time to get used to the everyday cold cloudy days. Right off the bat, during the drive to the house, I could definitely feel the English vibe of the city, or at least the differences between US and UK cities. What ended up working out pretty nicely is that two other LTP students are also studying at the same university, Manchester Metropolitan University. We also have a ’13 LTP student who is living with us until he flies back to the states at the end of November, so it’s been a full house since I’ve been here.

Everyone we’ve met so far, from both uni and club teams have been really friendly.  The time that we’ve been out, have been a blast, and the city center (centre in the UK) is a pretty awesome place to walk around in. We’ve found a pub called The Temple, where it’s a small room underneath the middle of a street and it’s definitely mad chill to just kick back and enjoy a beer there.

Oxford Place in Manchester

The usual schedule for lacrosse is one practice and one game per week. Since we play on both uni and club teams, we have 4 days of lacrosse per week. Uni games take place on Wednesday, while the club games take place on Saturday. A really cool thing I learned about the UK are the clubs, and I honestly think the US should have them. Basically local areas have their own clubs, where people play for the club sports team, and have a pub/locker room building. For lacrosse there are the 1st, A, B, and C teams, with the highest level being 1st team. People who play for their local clubs have been playing since they were kids, and it’s easy to see a tight-knit community when you go to the pub after a game. Everyone knows everyone, and it’s always a good night of drinking with friends.

Basically in the last 2 months, we’ve been going to our classes at Manchester Met, having a good time playing lacrosse, picking up part-time jobs and enjoying the social/nightlife. Up next for us, is a day trip at the Peak District. It’s supposed to be a cool place visit, so we’ll be making a day trip there this week.

Until next time amigos…

Alberto Gonzalez

’14 LTP

About the author
Alberto Gonzalez
Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Alberto discovered lacrosse during his freshman year of high school at Canyon Crest Academy. After two short stints at Chapman University and University of San Diego, he moved to Mexico City for a year where he started a lacrosse team at a local university called Universidad de Anahuac Mexico Norte. This helped with the creation of the first official college lacrosse league with 5 other teams competing. With this experience, plus a summer on Semester at Sea, Alberto grew to love traveling and decided to do what he can to help the sport of lacrosse grow worldwide. Graduating from Chapman with Bachelor's in Advertising, and now pursing a Masters in International Creative Advertising, Alberto aims to pursue a lucrative career in international advertising while helping the growth of lacrosse around the world.

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