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LACROSSETHEPOND is your ticket to exploring the world

Learn Obtain a Masters degree from one of the UK’s premier universities in one year. Growing your knowledge and network to launch your professional career. Learn more Travel Immerse yourself in one of the worlds most cosmopolitan cultures with all of Europe just a train ride away Learn more Play Continue playing the sport you love in a university setting. Make new friends within the tightest community in sport. Learn more LACROSSETHEPOND is your ticket to exploring the world, while gaining a masters degree at one of the United Kingdom’s premier Universities as part of their Lacrosse team. Build your resume, play lacrosse, see the world.LACROSSETHEPOND

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  • LACROSSETHEPOND has given me an amazing opportunity to live abroad and continue education. I’ve gotten to travel the world, experiencing a different culture, and help develop lacrosse as the university level at my university all while earning a Master’s.

    Without LACROSSETHEPOND’s help I would have missed out on the chance

    DAVID WIESE – University of Exeter 12’ - MA International Relations Queens University of North Carolina 11’
  • LTP presented a really unique opportunity for me especially as an older returning player. Not only was I able get back to the sport I love on a more competitive level than monthly rec games squeezed in between work, but I was also able to add a great degree to my educational background and help broaden my job prospects for the future.

    I really enjoyed the camaraderie and athleticism of playing again. The proximity to other areas of the UK and Europe went a long way as well as I was able to do quite a bit of travelling while I was there and unexpectedly ended up with a great resume building job that stemmed from my part time work!

    I highly recommend taking advantage of the program. It’s a great way to expand the sport while providing amazing experiences that you will never forget!

    ANNE SHIPPEN – University of Loughborough 15’ - MSc Marketing and Management University of Maryland, School of Nursing 10’
  • I’ll forever remember my year in Manchester as an incredible year of my life. LACROSSETHEPOND provides a great support network of both people and services that make acclimating to life in a new country an easy one

    DREW NORDSTROM – University of Manchester 15’ - MA International Politics - International Political Economy Chapman University 11’

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