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LACROSSETHEPOND is your ticket to exploring the world! Lacrosse The Pond offers US & Canadian students the opportunity to earn an internationally-recognised Master’s Degree from a world-renowned academic institution in just one year, all the while continuing to play lacrosse competitively.

Learn: Taking just one year to complete, a UK Master’s Degree can set you apart from the competition in a demanding job market and enable you to join the workforce a full year ahead of most of your US counterparts at a fraction of the cost of a US Master’s Programme. Working with 100% of UK establishments and with courses to suit all academic backgrounds and interests, LTP will find the ideal Master’s Degree to suit your educational background and academic aspirations.

Travel: Living in The UK, our students immerse themselves in a new culture and environment in the heart of Europe, using this opportunity to travel the continent and broaden their horizons. From Berlin to Budapest, Paris to Prague and Athens to Amsterdam, Europe has something for everyone and all within just a few hours’ flight from your new UK home.

Play: Lacrosse The Pond places our students within established lacrosse university programmes and competitive club leagues to continue playing the sport they have committed so much to. With a more flexible lacrosse schedule than an NCAA programme, our students are offered a more relaxed programme than their previous college experience whilst still enjoying the chance to play several times per week for competitive club and college teams all over The UK. With the world’s oldest club lacrosse competition and our standing as European lacrosse leaders, The UK has a proud and strong tradition of competitive club and college lacrosse for our students to test themselves within. As a team, LTP will compete in tournaments throughout the year in prestigious places including Berlin, Amsterdam & Prague and can connect our students to playing and coaching opportunities all over Europe.

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LTP Introduction


  • My LTP year was one of the most fun and rewarding of my life.  I was able to set my career up for success and made some lifelong friendships.  I always look forward to seeing the LTP guys in the states.  The experience and relationships will stay with you forever.

    TOM RING – Manchester Metropolitan University '14 Montclair State
  • LACROSSETHEPOND was an incredibly rewarding experience that I’ll never forget. LTP got me in the door into life in the UK which included not only lacrosse but a chance to travel, be a part of a new culture, earn an amazing degree and meet life-long friends. My year with LTP was defined by being able to coach internationally, continue to play competitively and appreciate how one sport can be so unifying for people from all over the world. If you have any inclination to travel or to continue playing lacrosse, you should reach out to LTP and see what they have to offer!

    ALY DOWEY – University of Leeds - '19 MSc Food Science - Bates College '17
  • Undertaking the LTP program was a great decision for me. While I got to play competitive lacrosse, travel Europe and receive a Masters Degree in International Business Management the thing that makes the experience so special for me was the life-long friends I made along the way. Whether it was my team at Sheffield, my fellow alums at the LTP house, my classmates, and of course the LTP staff – I made great friends that I still keep in touch with to this day!

    RICH PARSONS – University of Sheffield '14 - MSc International Business Management - Business Administration - Drew College '13
  • LACROSSETHEPOND is much more than lacrosse. My experience in England was a period of significant academic, athletic, social and personal growth. I am extremely grateful to LTP for making me feel like family from the second I stepped off the plane in The UK and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the brotherhood going forward

    ERIC HAEHL – University of Manchester - '19 MSc Management - University of Richmond '18
  • My experience with LACROSSETHEPOND was absolutely unforgettable. The opportunity to earn my Master’s degree, play lacrosse, travel Europe, and make lifelong lasting friendships was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    PATRICK DEHUECK – University of Manchester '19 - MSc Operations, Project & Supply Chain Management - Mercer University '18 Finance
  • Undertaking LTP was the best decision I ever made! One of the lasting effects of being an LTP alumni is the connections I made when I was over there and the things I was able to experience. I have connections and more importantly friends, in multiple countries now, from living across the pond. Not many people have an international network at the age I was when I graduated or even now, 7 years later. And I’m super proud to be one of the members of the first LTP class! I am extremely grateful for both.

    ZACH CECIL – University of Manchester '12 - MA Environmental Governance Lees McRae
  • LACROSSETHEPOND has given me an amazing opportunity to live abroad and continue education. I’ve gotten to travel the world, experiencing a different culture, and help develop lacrosse as the university level at my university all while earning a Master’s.

    Without LACROSSETHEPOND’s help I would have missed out on the chance

    DAVID WIESE – University of Exeter 12’ - MA International Relations Queens University of North Carolina
  • LTP turned out to be an opportunity of a lifetime for me. Not even in my wildest dream would I have thought I would have ever ended up with a Master’s Degree, not to mention getting one while playing and coaching lacrosse. Thanks to Sam and the team over at LTP for bringing me to Newcastle I was able to establish life long friendships and ended up re-establishing my love of the game that gave me so much. I ended up getting the chance to play and coach in over ten countries in large part to my time in Newcastle and the Lacrosse the Pond experience. There’s no better decision you can make for yourself that’ll have a broader impact in your life than making the leap of faith going with LTP!

    BOBBY GROVE – University of Newcastle '14 - MSc Sociology - Mount St Mary's '12
  • I’ll forever remember my year in Manchester as an incredible year of my life. LACROSSETHEPOND provides a great support network of both people and services that make acclimating to life in a new country an easy one

    DREW NORDSTROM – University of Manchester 15’ - MA International Politics - International Political Economy Chapman University 11’
  • LTP presented a really unique opportunity for me especially as an older returning player. Not only was I able get back to the sport I love on a more competitive level than monthly rec games squeezed in between work, but I was also able to add a great degree to my educational background and help broaden my job prospects for the future.

    I really enjoyed the camaraderie and athleticism of playing again. The proximity to other areas of the UK and Europe went a long way as well as I was able to do quite a bit of travelling while I was there and unexpectedly ended up with a great resume building job that stemmed from my part time work!

    I highly recommend taking advantage of the program. It’s a great way to expand the sport while providing amazing experiences that you will never forget!

    ANNE SHIPPEN – University of Loughborough 15’ - MSc Marketing and Management University of Maryland, School of Nursing 10’

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